Panama Canal Cruise – Day Eight

Today is a Sea Day.  That means we don’t get to set foot on land and that it is Formal Night, our second.  We were not really at sea per se but were cruising Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica.  The ship would cruise down the coast one way and then turn around somehow and cruise the other way. How much fun is that!!

Anyway, it was a really nice day.  We had a meet-up of our group on the Lido at 10:00 where we could just get together and see how everyone is fairing.  So far, everyone seems to be having a great time.  As usual, the women were looking for their husbands as somehow they always seems to disappear…..They do get found eventually….

After coffee, Rick and I ventured up to the gym to see what damage we could do to ourselves there.  He is actually a very good trainer.  Too bad we live so far apart.   It would be a little difficult to phone him in Ontario every time I go to the gym in Vancouver!!!  Hey, Rick!!  How do I do this one???  We worked on legs, biceps, triceps, abs and cardio.  I’m guessing he wants me to stick around for awhile.  Actually, watching our fellow passengers struggling with canes, walkers and scooters, you really come to realize how important it is to keep moving as you get older. BP seems to be holding its own despite all the alcohol and rich foods.  Partying seems to help a lot!!!

It was a “pastel” evening for the two of us – Rick in mauve and me in pink….don’t worry…just the accessories.  We had a little fun with that.  After a dinner of Surf and Turf we were off to the show and then our favourite place, the Piano Bar, with Diane.  She amazes me in that she can pick out a tune pretty quick in any genre from Metal to Classics.  She had a full bar tonight.

As you can tell, some sea days are better than others.  Sometimes the aim is to just rest from the prior day’s activities and rest up for the following day’s activities.

Because of all our extra time today by the pool Rick and I made some interesting observations.

1.  The Friends of Bill W (AA meetings) happen at the same time as the Wine Tasting and Happy Hour….

2.  There are some people who need a walker to get around and complain about their health problems, but when they are in the Lido they can somehow manage to carry two plates of food……

3.  The average age on some cruise ships (not naming names) is deceased….

4.  Internet time onboard is purchased by time so it’s the slowest it can get and it takes forever to login and logout….

5.  Cruises always have a young whipper-snapper DJ-ing so the music played is something 95% of the passengers have never heard before…..Let’s keep DISCO alive!!!!!!

6.  Further to #1, Friends of Bill W, Friends of Dorothy and Mass all happen at the same time every day.  If you are a gay, alcoholic Catholic you’re SOL…..

So much for sea day.  Hopefully our second set of Formal Pics will turn out….