Panama Canal Cruise – Day Fifteen

3rd day at sea.  Another packed day with the Songwriting Seminar and Passenger Cabaret Class.  The show is really coming together.  With all of the great songs written about our missing Mexico Diane decided to merge the two classes so that the songwriters would have their works debuted at the Cabaret.  It should make for a really unique and fun show.

Lunch today was a California Cookout at the Lido Pool with all kinds of Tex-Mex food and BBQ steak.  It was another beautiful day so we took our plates out to the Aft Pool and relaxed with some Coronas.  You can tell everyone is getting a little antsy being stuck on the ship for so long.  Fortunately, as usual, there are lots of interesting things to do and its fun to see what events your friends and acquaintances partake in just to have something to do.

There are several passengers with dance experience – dance instructors – and they kindly volunteered their services to teach their fellow passengers how to dance. Today’s lesson was the Cha Cha.  We didn’t have time to participate as we are still working on our Passenger Cabaret Show

The Westerdam Superstar Finals were on tonight.  The three finalists were very talented.  Bob is an older gentleman who not only sings but writes beautiful love songs about his wife of 54 years.  2nd place went to Art from Vancouver who likes to do the standards – Frankie, Tony, etc. and 1st place went to Jeannie from California with her lovely voice and great stage presence.  It was a fun evening.

Tonight was the Dessert Extravaganza in the Lido mid-ship pool area.  The chocolate and ice sculptures were pretty cool.  What do you do with the ice sculptures after they melt? (Another stupid cruise question).

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