Panama Canal Cruise – Day Sixteen

Last day at sea for the first leg of my voyage.  Thank God.  It’s just a couple of days too much.  Rick and I met with our group and then took them to the Disembarkation Briefing and Crew Farewell.  The staff here have been totally confused by the fact that Rick leaves tomorrow and I continue on to Vancouver.

The Mariners’ lunch was today. Every Holland America cruise has a Mariners’ lunch to thank us for travelling HAL.  They have different lapel pins and medallions based on the number of days you’ve sailed with Holland.  There were some people there who have sailed 500-1000 days.  They must the ones that use the cruise lines as their retirement home.  It is a pretty good deal- cheaper than a home.

We had a “dress rehearsal” for our Passenger Cabaret.  Rick had to change his comedy routine as Cruise Director Jimmy did “stupid cruise questions” at the disembarkation talk.  His new act is much better anyway.

We went to the dining room to a final dinner schmooze with our guests but didn’t stay to eat as we had the pre-performance jitters. The Passenger Cabaret Performance was presented in the Queen’s Lounge and it was packed.  All of our guests and the great people we have met during the cruise were there, as well the other performer’s friends.  It was pretty exciting to have such a big crowd.  Everything went off well.  The performances were great and we had a really fun time.  There goes my 15 minutes of fame…

The rest of the evening was spent singing in the Piano Bar and dancing in the disco.  This is the last night for a couple of our nightly group so it’s a little sad so know our group will be changing shortly.  There should a whole bunch of crazy Canucks joining us in San Diego for the last leg.

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