Panama Canal Cruise – Day Twenty-One

We are disembarking today in Vancouver so this is the last of my series on the Panama Canal Cruise.  I hope you have enjoyed following our escapades. Believe me, the things we have done on this cruise are only a very small part of what you can do while cruising.  If you are considering a cruise I highly recommend an escorted trip such as what CAA Niagara Travel, BCAA Travel and AAA Travel do on a regular basis.  They have a bit of a premium attached, but you can have a worry-free vacation with all travel arrangements, transfers, hotels, etc. all looked after by someone else. They know not to book flights home the morning the boat docks like some people did in San Diego.  I hope they were able to sort out their air travel without too much hassle and expense.

I got up at dawn to watch the sunrise over the mountains.  It was a beautiful site.  We had the most amazing morning – no rain!!  It was the perfect end to a perfect trip weather-wise.  For 21 days we only had rain late one night.  The rest of the cruise the sun was out in full force.  You couldn’t ask for better weather.  So coming into Vancouver and finding sunshine was awe-inspiring.  I should have written a song about it.  Maybe someone from my songwriting class did!!

Gail and I watched the ship coming in past Stanley Park, then under the Lion’s Gate Bridge, and then into downtown Vancouver to Canada Place.  We could see the new Convention Centre with its grass roof and of course the Shangri La stood out from the crowd with its 60 floors. 

We docked next to the Holland America Zuiderdam and awaited our disembarkation.  We said good-bye to our beautiful suite and went to the Lido Aft Deck to enjoy the sunshine and the view.  From there we could see Vancouver, North Vancouver and West Vancouver with all their majestic mountains and parks.  This time the disembarkation was done quite smoothly and we were out fairly quickly meeting our friends and relatives in front of the World Trade Centre (can’t believe they still call it that). 

And so our vacation has drawn to a close and it is time to return to reality.  Thank you all for following us on our journey and if you are looking at cruising in the near future, you can contact your nearest CAA or AAA offices to book a care-free, escorted tour of your own.

Happy Traveling!!