Panama Canal Cruise – Day Twenty

This is our last full day on our cruise.  The seas had calmed down today so we had no problems getting on with our day.  Gail went for another spa treatment and this time she was okay when she got back.  I spend the morning writing and getting caught up on emails – not the most exciting but sometimes you’ve just got to tone it down for a couple of hours…..

The four of us went to the Mariner’s lunch today in the Vista Dining room where we had another lovely meal.  There was a recipient of the Platinum Medallion today and believe it or not, she was quite young – probably in her twenties.  She decided to do her 700th day on the Westerdam because apparently she was conceived on the original Westerdam.  How cool is that?

After lunch, Gail, Janice and Michael went to the Casino while I went to the Piano Bar to catch up on my blogging.  If I had known that I could get Internet access on Deck 2, I would have done this all along.  The Explorer Lounge on Deck 10 is the Internet Cafe and it sucks.  Why, you ask?  Number One, it’s on the top deck – the higher you go the more sway there is.  Then to top it off, the computer desks are placed sideways or diagonally – perfect for getting even more nauseous.  I guess they thought it wouldn’t look as nice if they put the desks front to back, from bow to aft, but it sure would make working on them a lot easier. 

Here is a lesson in lessening seasickness.   If you are concerned about cruising as motion sickness is a problem for you and you don’t want to take the Sea Calm offered as it puts you out for a couple of days, try these tips:

1.  Always try to sit facing either the front or the back of the ship.  Do not sit across the ship or diagonal. 

2.  Get a cabin on the lowest deck you can.  Some people always book on Deck 1 as there is very little rocking the farther down you are.  For the first part of the trip we were on Deck 4 and even that was 1000% better than on deck 8. 

3.  Carry around green apples.  If you start to feel a little woozy, eating a green apple and crackers if you have them really does help.  There must be something in the pectin that calms the stomach.

4.  Have a drink. This, of course, is optional, but wine seems to help relax a person enough that you don’t feel the motion anymore.  If you can’t or won’t drink alcohol then try ginger ale.

While I was hiding in the Piano Bar, I heard Gail’s name called out as a finalist in the Blackjack Tournament.  Not bad for someone who just learned to play on the ship.  She didn’t win but she did come in 5th.  Janice was also on the board in the Slot Machine Tournament so we were well represented.

Since this would be our last dinner on the ship, we got a few of our new friends together to dine vardenafil india.  It was so nice to have our group together for the evening though it was a little subdued since our trip was coming to an end.

After dinner we went on the Final Great Westerdam Pub Crawl starting in the Atrium Bar.  If you are a young person (under 70) on a cruise and want to get out and have some fun, this is where it’s at.  Again you don’t have to participate in the drinking, but you can join the group as a “support” person and believe me, they are needed.  We had a couple of support people to help this time and they had a lot of fun as well.  We met a lot of our new friends during the initial pub crawl and so have had people to hang out with ever since.  DON’T MISS IT!!

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