barbara on July 31st, 2009

Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo 2009

Here we are getting ready to head off to another BlogWorld Expo Conference in Las Vegas.  This will be the second year for Bonnie Sainsbury of New Media Rules at and myself.

Our first year at BlogWorld was an eye opener.  We were just starting to look at the possibilities of this particular medium and working towards making a decision as to moving our individual businesses towards the Blogging world and Web 2.0.  After 3 extremely packed days, we were convinced of the viability of Web 2.0 and New Media Marketing.

We were really happy that we decided to spend a couple of extra days in Vegas to do a little sight-seeing and relax a little as during the 3-day conference they had us so busy with key-note speakers, seminars and of course the Trade Show, that we had hardly any time to do anything else.

Early Registration

The conference runs from October 15-17, 2009 but the reason I am letting you know about it now is that they have early bird registration as well as discounted hotel rates during the conference.  The sooner you book the hotel the better as they will fill up pretty quick. If you book the conference before September 14th, you can save $100 off the conference registration fee. That could pay for a couple of nice dinners or a lot of gambling if you are so inclined.


If you are not a gambler and don’t want to be inundated with slot machines at your hotel, I recommend the Marriott Residences right across the road from the Convention Center.  The Residences are more for people who have come to Vegas to work (or go to a conference).  We stayed here last year and it was very quiet with absolutely no sign of gambling anywhere on the property.

If you like to gamble or it doesn’t bother you one way or the other, the hotels listed on the Blogworld Expo site are very nice and extremely reasonable.  The Hilton is right next to the Convention Center and is actually connected so you can get there without going out in the heat.

Who Should Attend

“Any Blogger, Podcaster, Vlogger, Internet TV or Radio Broadcaster, Social Media expert or producer of any other form of new media content. If you blog, podcast or vlog about business, technology, politics, sports, lifestyle & culture, general news items, or celebrity gossip…if you are a Milblogger, or Godblogger, or advocate a social position you need to be here. Business owners and marketing executives from start-up micro-enterprises to the largest established corporations, this is the one conference where you’ll find the most comprehensive and critical knowledge for growing your business with the latest new media technology, methods and tools.”  from the Blog World Expo website.

If you decide this is something you are interested in attending or want to know more about the conference and/or New Media/Blogging, click on the blue banner at the beginning of this post.  If you do, let me know you are attending and we can hook up at the conference.  I hope to see you there.

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