Barbara on September 11th, 2009

Last year, Bonnie and I went to our first BlogWorld Expo and our first New Media conference of any kind.  We were looking for a new type of business – something that would excite our ever-curious minds.

As the “old ladies” of IT, we had been in the IT game for over 25 years a piece and knew that the best way to stay young and healthy is to keep working and keep learning.  Well, it appeared that Blogging and Social Media met the challenge.

Unfortunately for me, my “other” business as a management consultant seems to get in the way a lot of the time….as well as my propensity for travel, so I have not worked as hard as I should to achieve my goal of financial freedom.

On the other hand, Bonnie has not stopped networking since we got back from BlogWorld last year.  She has joined so many Meetups, breakfast groups, JV groups, you name it, and it is starting to pay off.  When you meet Bonnie you will see someone who is totally immersed and enamored with New Media Marketing and is happy to share her information with the rest of us.

As such an avid convert, I really do feel that Bonnie should win John Chow’s contest for a free All Access pass to the upcoming BlogWorld Expo. If she does, maybe she’ll buy me dinner…..

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