Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere

Well, another Blog World Expo has come and gone and I must say it was very educational and exciting.  I’m looking forward to next year already.  After our last Blog World Seminar and Party was done, our group had an extra day to enjoy Las Vegas.  One of the things we really wanted to do was take in a “Cirque” show. No one should ever go to Las Vegas without taking in at least one of their amazing productions.

As a Canadian, I have been following Cirque du Soleil since well before they became famous.  When they first started out they toured the exhibitions (county fairs) such as the CNE in Toronto, the PNE in Vancouver, and the Calgary Stampede in, you guessed it, Calgary.  The latter is where I first saw the troupe perform and even without the lavish stage, music and costumes they were mind-boggling.  I wish I had pictures of them doing their acrobatic stunts with ropes and trapezes while the audience sat on folding chairs in a hockey arena.  What a long way they come!

Also as a Canadian now living in Vancouver, I am totally disgusted with VANOC’s, the Vancouver Olympic Committee, inability to get Cirque du Soleil for the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The “Cirque” is a Canadian icon that would have let us show the world just how exciting Canada can be.  I just hope they don’t have any more ice fishing like they had at the closing ceremonies in Torino.  Gasp!!!


“Ultimately, Mystere is a tribute to the artistry of the human body” – Las Vegas Sun

After seeing this show I would say that quote is partially correct.  It is actually a tribute to the artistry and strength of the Male human body. This show is almost entirely choreographed around the male form.  NOT that I’m complaining.  No,No!! The show is breath-taking in many ways.  I had to remember to breathe on more than one occasion and I could see others around me were having the same problem.

Considering Mystere is the very first production that Cirque du Soleil produced in Las Vegas starting in 1993, it has maintained its freshness with its audience.  Seeing it now, you would never know that this particular production has been around for 16 years.  The custom-built theatre at Treasure Island presents a spectacular backdrop for the performers.  The stage unobtrusively moves and changes as required for the upcoming acts.  The Cirque’s propensity of providing their own version of circus clowns during production changes keeps us not only entertained, but totally unaware of the changes that are happening around us.  Engaging the audience as participants in the show has also been part of the fun of going to a Cirque performance.

There are so many acts to write about for this production: the Aerial Cube, the Taiko Drums, the Chinese Poles, to name a few.  The most unbelievable has to be the Hand-to-Hand peformance by Valerii Simonenko of Russia and Jonas Zuniga of Argentina.  These two men with their Adonis good looks and physiques show us strength and gracefulness that is unparalleled.  They perform a hand and body balancing act that should be impossible to do with the presence of gravity.  Picture this: Imagine yourself at the gym doing your circuit training.  You get on that torture device where you lay on your stomach and lift weights with the back of your ankles.  Now replace the machine with a impressively-built man doing a hand stand on your feet.  This is what Valerii does, very slowing raising his feet from the knees down and then continues with some very convoluted movements that get him back on his own feet, but with his “brother” still doing his hand stand – now hand-to-hand.  I can’t see how it’s possible but he did it and it was amazing.

In closing, Cirque du Soleil never fails to impress me with their performances.  The costumes, music, performers, stage and stage sets are awe-inspiring.  I look forward to the next trip to Las Vegas so I can take in another great show.