I Love My $375 Mini PC even more

Acer Aspire One

This month I went out and bought an Acer Aspire One from Staples.  For some    reason they were blowing them out at $375 and less.  I got the last one at my neighborhood store and it appeared that there were few left in the city.  I’d been hemming and hahing over what to buy when I saw this one just sitting there–take me!  I checked the specs and decided that for this price I had to get it now.

It turns out this was a great decision.  Not only because I love my new mini laptop – I can put it in my

Derek Alexander Handbag

Derek Alexander Handbag

handbag and take it with me everywhere – but because the price has zoomed.  There was a half page in our local paper on the weekend advertising a lesser model (half the RAM with more HD) for $499.  I also checked out Amazon at $499.99 US.  So I got a great deal!!

You can check out my guest blog “I Love My $375 Laptop” at http://www.techcoachtips.com/

If I was going to pick a color though, I’d probably go with the white to hide the fingerprints.  The glossy finish tends to get a lot of smudges on it and for someone with OCD, it’s a lot of stress to keep it looking shiny and new….

This computer is also great for Skyping as it comes with a built-in webcam and microphone.  I’ve had conference calls on it and even done support calls as far away as Romania.  The sound through my headphones is great – better than my home phone.  Also once I decide on my Internet stick, I can make phone calls from anywhere on my Skype and eliminate my long distance charges.

Life is Good!!