Labour Day

Labour Day (or for our American friends, Labor Day).  What does it mean to a Chronic Entrepreneur?   ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Depending on where you are in the evolution of your entrepreneurship will determine how you are spending the long weekend.  If you are at the beginning, you are probably working.  If you’ve been at it for awhile you are catching up on “homework” or actually relaxing.

When I was starting out, I had a tendency to agree to unreasonable deadlines and additional work in order to show the world what I could do.  I didn’t feel that I had the right to negotiate with clients and prospective clients since I had never done this solo act before.  My life was definitely out of balance.  It created stress for myself and my family as family outings and time together took a back seat to work.  Sound familiar?

It took a few years to realize that a vast majority of deadlines could be negotiated, based on both the clients’ needs and my personal timelines.  I had to learn to say NO….or to say yes I can do this but not at this time or not within the specified timeframe.

Now I don’t bother to leave town on the “busy” weekends and fight the traffic and crowds.  I DO make sure to schedule in several non-stat “long weekends” a year in order to travel, visit friends and family, or just relax.  This makes for a much more productive, but still chronic, entrepreneur.