Yesterday on iGoogle an article came up from wikihow.com on “How to Do Furoshiki”. Since I didn’t have a clue what Furoshiki was, I had to read it. Here’s an excerpt:

With paper and plastic bags falling out of favour around the world, we are left to wonder if heavy canvas bags or bulky reusable bags are the only method left to us for carrying our groceries. One eco-friendly alternative is the ancient Japanese art of Furoshiki, which uses a simple square of silk or nylon cloth as a means of wrapping and carrying just about anything. Because Furoshiki uses silk or nylon, the knots are very durable but also very easy to untie.

From there the article went on the show you several methods of making Furoshiki. It looks pretty easy and what a great idea. I could just keep a silk scarf in my purse and have something to carry my purchases in at all times. Men could have a nice silk hankie on hand (hopefully clean) for small purchases.

Then reality set in. Right now when I go shopping with my reusable bags, the checkout people give you a “not another tree-hugger look at this web-site!!” look and then quite reluctantly fill my eco-friendly bags. Now I’m thinking… I’ll just lay this piece of cloth down on your counter and you can put my shopping items in the middle of the cloth and I will take the next few minutes tying it up so I can leave. Somehow I don’t think so. The people behind me might have something to say about that. OR can you imagine yourself at one of those new self-checkouts where even with my existing bags I get a megaphoned voice saying “there is a foreign object in the bagging area. Please wait for assistance.” How annoying is that!!

I think FuroShiki is best left for wrapping gifts and wine bottles….maybe a picnic….but definitely not for my regular trips to the grocery. It will be interesting to see what happens when the plastic bags are outlawed. Will the checkouts be a little more lenient and understanding of packaging our groceries in the reusable bags? I really hope so as I already have a huge plastic bag of plastic bags I have to figure out to do with!!!